Duvet Covers vs. Quilts/Comforters: What’s Your Take?

Duvet Covers vs. Quilts/Comforters: What’s Your Take?

🛏️ We prefer duvet covers in our Short Term Rentals and advise our homeowner partners to go this route when setting up their own rental properties. Here’s why:
1. Ease of Cleaning: Duvet Covers are removable and machine washable, making them easier to clean between guest stays. We prefer the thin, zippable duvet covers from Bedsure. They’re quick to dry and easy to put back on – we can do it in under 2 minutes! 🤭 Bulky quilts and comforters take double the time to dry!
2. Hygiene: Duvet covers act as a barrier between guests and the duvet insert, providing an additional layer of cleanliness and hygiene.
3. Durability: Since duvet covers are removable, they help protect the duvet insert from wear and tear, potentially extending its lifespan. This can save homeowners and hosts money in the long run by reducing the frequency of replacing bedding.
4. Storage: Duvet covers take up less space than bulky comforters or quilts, making them easier to store when not in use.
5. Hotel-Inspired Experience: Many guests associate duvet covers with upscale hotels and resorts, where they are commonly used to provide a luxurious sleeping experience. By providing plush duvets in our bedding, we strive to evoke the feeling of staying in a high-end hotel, enhancing the overall guest experience and leaving a lasting impression.
👉 Some of our owners do opt for quilts and comforters! In these homes, we use the triple sheet method – another technique used in many hotels!

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